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Shocking I know! But I feel like this still needs to be addressed because a lot of people still say that “Saban ruins Sentai” or “Nick ruined Gokaiger.” 

What Power Rangers does:
- Uses footage from a Sentai series and films new scenes with American actors to create a new story or adapt the Japanese story for Americans.

What Power Rangers does NOT do:

- Uses footage and destroys any and all episodes of the Sentai
- Goes back in time and interrupt the filming/writing of the Sentai.
- Change anything that the original Sentai did, does currently, or will ever do in the future.

Please use common sense people.

EDIT: For those brave enough, try this experiment at home:

  1. Watch an episode of a Power Rangers season that has been adapted from your favorite Sentai. (EX: Samurai, RPM, Jungle Fury, MMPR)
  2. Now watch an episode of the Sentai you picked. (Shinkenger, Go-onger, Gekiranger, Zyuranger)
  3. If your enjoyment has been unaffected or if you have gained respect for the adaptation, then congratulations, you are a sane person!
  4. If you feel like your enjoyment has been decreased and/or still feel like your show has been forever ruined… then please stop watching and find a show that you think will never be ruined by another form of  media (subs, dubs, adaptations, remakes, etc.).

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    I’ve watched a few episodes of Super Sentai from a few different seasons and I can say that from what I’ve seen they are...
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    I will say some of the older Power Rangers footage made a little more sense after watching their Sentai counterparts,...
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